A sustainable method for the future of agriculture

Vif Group develops vertical hydroponic farms that allow the production of food and industrial plants all year round, anywhere, even on land unsuitable for agriculture.

These vertical farms guarantee food that is pleasurable, healthy and traceable,
produced without any pesticides, with high yields and low water consumption
(thanks to recycling).

Culture d'amarante rouge en ferme verticale vif group

Agricultural Innovation 3.0

The company innovates in three fundamental areas.

Technical innovation:
We design new vertical supports for hydroponics.
We develop LED lighting adapted to the living (plants and animals).
Plant innovation:
We develop new species in vertical farms.
Digital innovation:
We create remote monitoring software.

Vif Group develops low-tech urban agriculture technology with a rapid industrialization capacity, and a financially accessible technology.

Culture verticale hydroponique indoor de basilique pourpre

“Nous dessinons aujourd’hui et demain
la production végétale verticale en environnement contrôlé”

Who we are

We are Vif Group, an innovative company specialized in vertical farming.
Our goal is to transform traditional agriculture by using cutting-edge technologies to produce fresh, local and sustainable vegetables all year round.
At Vif Group, we are proud to contribute to reducing the ecological impact of agriculture while offering a healthy and delicious alternative for consumers.

Find out more about our business by watching our video presentation.

“We are designing today and  tomorrow
vertical crop production in a controlled environment”



basilique cultivé en ferme verticale
Container de production orticole végétale
Barquette Coriandre coupée agricool
jardin d'intérieur design
Plantes en potager d'intérieur
Vif box étagère de culture hydroponique
barquette de culture hydroponique
Melisse pour la grande distribution
Barquette vertical farming d'oseille veinée rouge