Our history

Concerned with designing a global and coherent system, the partners and their
teams have developed and organized the activity in several stages :

• Manufacturing and marketing of vertical hydroponic equipment : created in February 2021, VIF SYSTEMS is an equipment manufacturer for vertical agriculture in a controlled environment and offers its customers turnkey solutions (vertical farms, production containers, storage cabinets, storage shelves). A player in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, based in Lyon (69) and Vorey (43), VIF SYSTEMS has its own hydroponic, above ground hydroponic production farms, its own production containers, and capitalizes on the strong experience of its experts in the field of Vertical Farming (9 years of experience) to develop and propose solutions adapted to the needs of the customers.

• Strengthening its position as an equipment manufacturer by integrating a specialized company in June 2021 LUMILIITE : autonomy on the leds without which the indoor vertical culture is impossible. Lumiliite is developing a unique technology for the living world, designed and entirely manufactured in France, and protected by worldwide patents.

• Expansion of the range of plants offered through the acquisition in May 2022 of LA TIGE, a vertical farm
located in the heart of Lyon, offering cut and live, and condiments, from around the world to restaurateurs in
the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and in the Paris region (CHR market).

• Diversification of distribution channels through the acquisition in June 2022 of the company AGRICOOL, allowing the Group to access the supermarket market and to establish a presence in the Ile-de-France region, thereby strengthening its territorial coverage to have a significant impact on the region.

• Expansion of the equipment manufacturer’s positioning : in November 2022, the Group will acquire a recognized brand in France, designing and marketing indoor gardens for private individuals PRÊT A

With this organization in sector, VIF GROUP becomes a major player in the vertical farming equipment farming equipment in France, with associated services (production of custom-made LEDs, supplies of seeds, substrates, growing trays, growing trays, shelves, after-sales service, etc.).

The Group’s production equipment is now used for large-scale demonstrations, and our plant brands such as AGRICOOL and LA TIGE allow farmers to produce with our equipment farmers to produce with our equipment, while having market outlets for their productions.