Our will

VIF GROUP was born from the will of its 3 founders to be part of an approach
with a strong environmental impact :

• Faced with the challenges of climate change and food security, the Group is committed to a vertical farming model where crops are free from climatic constraints and grow in a controlled and grow environment, thus guaranteeing regular production ;

• At a time when the urban fabric is eroding arable land, the Group intends to propose an innovative
solution for tomorrow’s agriculture innovative solution for the agriculture of tomorrow : plant production that does not depend on the surface of the soi, without pesticides, and that saves water and resources for food that is rich in nutritional quality and taste ;

• Finally, the Group wishes to participate in the optimization of non-essential or abandoned urban
spaces (warehouses, hangars, wasteland) and thus contribute to the food resilience of cities and the
creation of new jobs and the creation of new jobs (e.g. urban farmers).